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BMP 021 Top 10 Self-Awareness Takeaways From First 20 Episodes

Brent shares his key self-awareness takeaways from the first 20 episodes of the Business Minutia Podcast. This includes how this podcast set the stage for his own self-awareness journey, what he has learned about himself, and what he’d like to focus on as BMP continues.

Self-Awareness Keys Discussed

  • First, Brent discusses how Ken Janke‘s interview set the stage for the self-awareness journey.
  • Second, how Brent learned he is NOT a serial entrepreneur.
  • Third, the big takeaway from the Working From Home episode.
  • Fourth, what Brent learned from the Storytelling episode.
  • Fifth, the shocking revelation from the HR and #Metoo episode.
  • Sixth, the takeaways from the Horrible Co-Workers episodes.
  • Seventh, the painful discussion with Hubie Payne and what Brent learned about himself.
  • Next, how the Performance Review episode became an ah-ha moment for Brent.
  • In addition, how the Dallas Forward interview made Brent pivot to a small business focus.
  • Finally, how the Enneagram can be used in your self-awareness journey.
  • To close the episode, Brent shares two minutia points and a call to action.

Your Next Great Listen

If you are new to the podcast and would like to know more about the host, Brent Richardson, check out Episode 000 for an interview that walks through Brent’s background, goals, and core values.





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Episode Guest:

Business Minutia Podcast producer

Jamie Richardson

Business Minutia Podcast Producer

Jamie Richardson is the Business Minutia Podcast producer and has worked as a freelance writer and editor for 15 years. She is the Legacy Director for Wonder Voyage and a homeschool mom of three.

Your Host:

Business Minutia Podcast 026 Company Reorg: What to expect when your business restructures with Brent Richardson

Brent Richardson

Business Minutia Podcast

Brent Richardson is the owner, operator, and interviewer for Business Minutia. He has worked in an international engineering company since 2000. During that time, he has also served as a youth pastor and worked for a non-profit both as an adventure travel leader on youth pilgrimages and as a board member. He believes that the training he has received in leading volunteers has helped him in the corporate world as well.

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