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BMP 034 Find Your Why with Brent Richardson and Ken Janke

Find Your Why: Success Begins With A Simple Question

Find Your Why focuses on the often-overlooked first step in defining where you (or your team) want to end up. People frequently jump to the "where" and "how" of the journey while assuming the "why." This week, we learn how that misstep can be fatal to a vision.
Business Minutia Podcast 033 How to Incubate Ideas: Three Steps To Take Your Idea From Concept To Reality

How To Incubate Ideas: Three Steps To Take Your Idea From Concept to Reality

How To Incubate Ideas carries listeners through each of the three phases of the incubation process: think, know, and show. BMP podcast host, Brent Richardson, shares his lessons learned through over 20 years in a large international firm.
BMP 021 Top 10 Self-Awareness Takeaways From First 20 Episodes with Brent Richardson and Jamie Richardson

Top 10 Self-Awareness Takeaways From First 20 Episodes

In this episode, Brent shares his top 10 self-awareness takeaways from the first 20 episodes of the Business Minutia Podcast.
BMP 013 Stating a small business with Brett Boyd

Starting A Small Business: Day 1 With A New Small Business Owner, Brett Boyd

Ever dreamed of starting a small business? This is episode 1 of a series where BMP follows a new small business owner. Brett Boyd just quit his job to go all-in on his side hustle, Integrity Garage Door and Gate. In this episode, we learn what steps he took to get here and what his current fears are. Join us as we follow each step of his journey to business ownership.
Navigating Career Changes Fearlessly

Navigating Career Changes Fearlessly

Ken Janke is a fearless entrepreneur who has seamlessly flowed between the non-profit and for-profit worlds. In this episode of the Business Minutia Podcast, Ken shares his successes, failures, and the lessons he has learned along the way.

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