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Hybrid Work Schedule: The Win-Win Guide for Employees and Managers

Hybrid Work Schedule: The Win-Win Guide for Employees and Managers

Hybrid Work Schedule focuses on what it looks like to return to the corporate office. The BMP host, Brent Richardson, shares the pros and cons of remote work and how companies can use a hybrid model as a win-win middle-ground for employees and managers.
BMP 050 Small Business Toolbox: 5 Essential Tools to Succeed as an entrepreneur

Small Business Toolbox: 5 Essential Tools To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

Small Business Toolbox walks through the top five lessons shared by entrepreneurs in the Business Minutia Podcast's first 50 episodes.
Business Minutia Podcast 046 Conflict Resolution with Brent Richardson

Conflict Resolution

In Conflict Resolution, podcast host Brent Richardson walks professionals through the three stages of resolving a dispute: gathering information, refocusing on the problem statement, and peaceful follow-up.
Business Minutia Podcast 044 Office Pranks: An April Fool's Salute to our Favorite Practical Jokes

Office Pranks: An April Fools’ Salute To Our Favorite Practical Jokes

Office Pranks focuses on Brent Richardson's favorite practical jokes and explains how gags and tricks can be used to increase inclusiveness on a team.
Business Minutia Podcast 033 How to Incubate Ideas: Three Steps To Take Your Idea From Concept To Reality

How To Incubate Ideas: Three Steps To Take Your Idea From Concept to Reality

How To Incubate Ideas carries listeners through each of the three phases of the incubation process: think, know, and show. BMP podcast host, Brent Richardson, shares his lessons learned through over 20 years in a large international firm.
BMP 027 Goldman Sachs 10,000 with Andrea Anderson

Goldman Sachs 10,000: Free Training & Community for Entrepreneurs

Goldman Sachs 10,000 is hand-selecting qualifying entrepreneurs for free training. This growing community is a place to learn, share experiences, and expand your network. Find out more from the Director of Marketing and Alumni Relations, Andrea Anderson.
BMP 021 Top 10 Self-Awareness Takeaways From First 20 Episodes with Brent Richardson and Jamie Richardson

Top 10 Self-Awareness Takeaways From First 20 Episodes

In this episode, Brent shares his top 10 self-awareness takeaways from the first 20 episodes of the Business Minutia Podcast.
Business Minutia Podcast 016 Dallas Forward with Kelvin Walker

Dallas Forward: Helping DFW Become a National Leader in Economic Recovery

Dallas Forward is an initiative created by Mayor Eric Johnson. It connects small businesses with free resources to help them survive COVID-19. In BMP 016, Brent interviews the initiative's leader, Kelvin Walker. Kelvin shares stats on how bad the situation is to the metroplex, the aid available to small businesses, and what the long-term impact is on all of Dallas.
BMP 011 Systemic racism in business with Texas Instruments VP Hubie Payne

Systemic Racism In Business

Systemic racism has captured headlines lately. This week, Brent Richardson sat down with a Black VP in a Fortune 500 Company to learn what institutional racism looks like in corporate America. Hubie Payne shares how we got here, why diversity matters, and what companies can do right now.

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