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BMP 011 Systemic racism in business with Texas Instruments VP Hubie Payne

Systemic Racism In Business

Systemic racism has captured headlines lately. This week, Brent Richardson sat down with a Black VP in a Fortune 500 Company to learn what institutional racism looks like in corporate America. Hubie Payne shares how we got here, why diversity matters, and what companies can do right now.
Business Minutia Podcast 010 Horrible Co-Workers Part 2: Unresponsive, One-Upper, Know-It-All, Woah Is Me, and TMI

Horrible Co-Workers Part 2: Unresponsive, Know-It-Alls, One-Uppers, Woah Is Me, and TMI

In Horrible Co-Workers Part 2, Brent and Jamie Richardson discuss Unresponsive Earl and Edith, Know-It-All Nate and Nicole, One-Up Wanda and Wade, Woah-Is-Me Whitney and Walter, and TMI Tom and Tina.
Business Minutia Podcast 009 with Rodney Miranda on Pursuing Feedback

Pursuing Feedback

Pursuing feedback requires a heart to get better at what you do. On BMP 009, Brent Richardson interviews Rodney Miranda. Rodney has mastered the art of pursuing feedback, growing from it, and using it to catapult his career.
BMP 008 Horrible Co-workers Part 1

Horrible Co-Workers Part 1: Lazy, Needy, Manipulative, Chatty, and Loud

Horrible co-workers come in a lot of varieties. In Part 1 of the Horrible Co-Worker series, Brent and Jamie Richardson discuss how to work with and deal with Help Me Hannah, Lazy Lisa, Cunning Cate, Chatty Chad, and Loud Larry.
Business Minutia Podcast 007 How Work-Life Balance and Self-Awareness Increase Productivity with Michael Fleming

How Work-Life Balance And Self-Awareness Increase Productivity

Work-life balance is a popular catch-phrase, but most people limit their advice to the work side of the equation. In this week's episode, we dive into the life side of the balance. We discuss how self-awareness and authenticity can work together to increase your productivity.
BMP 006 Growing Small - Using Corporate Knowledge To Start A Small Business

Growing Small: Using Corporate Knowledge To Start A Small Business

Growing smaller is a common trend. Tiny houses. Smaller cars. Laptops are more portable. But today's guest took this strategy to his career plan. Transitioning between two large companies to a medium-size one, Dave learned common business practices before starting his own small business that now sells its services back to the big companies. In BMP 006, Dave Borski shares the tips and tricks he learned along the way.
BMP 005, Human Resources, #Metoo, and the Generation Gap in Business

Human Resources, #Metoo, And The Generation Gap in Business

Human Resources is often seen as the police of larger organizations. In this episode of the Business Minutia Podcast, Jane Kim helps us see the value Human Resources brings to the table. We also discuss controversial topics such as the effect of #metoo and the generational gap in office politics.
BMP 004 Why Storytelling is important in business

Why Storytelling Is Important In Business

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small shares how leaders can grow their influence, community, and business by learning and teaching the art of storytelling.
Business Minutia Podcast 003: How To Fail Working From Home

How To Fail Working From Home

Brent and his producer, Jamie, discuss ways people fail at working from home. Whether you are working from home temporarily, or considering a permanent switch, Brent and Jamie give tips and tricks based on two decades of experience.

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