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Business Minutia Podcast 025: Dallas SCORE Free Mentors and Training for Small Business Owners with Bob Barrese

Dallas SCORE: Free Mentors And Training For Small Business Owners

Dallas SCORE is one of the best-kept secrets for small business owners. SCORE offers a vast network of trained mentors, free workshops, and support that entrepreneurs need.
BMP 024 Social Media for Business with Cynthia Smoot

Social Media For Business: Tips, Tricks, And When It’s Time To Hire Help

Social media can be an overwhelming undertaking for small businesses and entrepreneurs. This week, we sit down with publicist Cynthia Smoot as she shares tips and tricks to get you started.
BMP 023 Advanced Presentation Skills: Using Stories to Help Your Message Stick with Shawn Small

Advanced Presentation Skills: Using Stories To Help Your Message Stick

Advanced presentation skills begin with telling a great story. Whether you are selling a service, product, or yourself, stories help people connect with the presenter. In this episode, a professional storyteller and nonprofit business owner shares pointers on what makes a great story and how everyone (even you!) can be a great storyteller.
BMP 022 Giving Negative Feedback with Brent and Jamie Richardson

Giving Negative Feedback

Giving negative feedback can be a challenge. In this episode of the Business Minutia Podcast, Brent Richardson shares tips on how to give negative feedback in a constructive manner.
BMP 021 Top 10 Self-Awareness Takeaways From First 20 Episodes with Brent Richardson and Jamie Richardson

Top 10 Self-Awareness Takeaways From First 20 Episodes

In this episode, Brent shares his top 10 self-awareness takeaways from the first 20 episodes of the Business Minutia Podcast.
BMP 020 Enneagram with Mary Ann Connor

Enneagram: A Pathway To Self-Awareness

Enneagram is a test that helps people define their key motivation and fear so they can be more productive and fulfilled. The 9 personality types have been used for centuries, but have recently made a resurgence. In this episode of BMP, Brent talks with Certified Enneagram Coach and Certified Life Coach Mary Ann Connor to better understand how this test can help people be better leaders and business owners.
BMP 019 Business Tenacity with Kathy Fielder

Business Tenacity: Entrepreneur Overhauls Business Model Amid COVID-19

Kathy Fielder is a master of business tenacity. When COVID-19 hit, she navigated international politics and completely reworked her business. In less than three weeks, she shifted from home decor and fashion to being an importer and seller of PPE.
Business Minutia Podcast 018 Time Management with Brent Richardson and Jamie Richardson

Time Management: A 30-Minute Crash Course On The 5 Essential Skills

Time management is essential to getting what you want out of your life. In this 30-minute crash course, Brent discusses his top 5 keys to managing time effectively.
Business Minutia Podcast 017 Confessions of a Business Owner with Walter Boyd

Confessions Of A Business Owner: An Honest Look At Tech Traps And Investors

Confessions of a Business Owner features iFly GPS programmer Walter Boyd. In this transparent interview, Boyd reveals two lessons he learned about tech traps and investors. His personal experiences may change how other business owners run their organizations.

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