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BMP 034 Find Your Why with Brent Richardson and Ken Janke

Find Your Why: Success Begins With A Simple Question

Find Your Why focuses on the often-overlooked first step in defining where you (or your team) want to end up. People frequently jump to the "where" and "how" of the journey while assuming the "why." This week, we learn how that misstep can be fatal to a vision.
Business Minutia Podcast 033 How to Incubate Ideas: Three Steps To Take Your Idea From Concept To Reality

How To Incubate Ideas: Three Steps To Take Your Idea From Concept to Reality

How To Incubate Ideas carries listeners through each of the three phases of the incubation process: think, know, and show. BMP podcast host, Brent Richardson, shares his lessons learned through over 20 years in a large international firm.
Business Minutia Podcast 032 Presentation 101: The Essential Guide to Professional Presentations with Brent Richardson

Presentation 101: The Essential Guide to Professional Presentations

Presentation 101 walks you through what goes into giving a great presentation including defining your problem statement and using stories and analogies. In addition, Brent Richardson covers errors to avoid.
BMP 031 Email 101: The Essential Guide to Professional Emails with Brent Richardson and Jamie Richardson

Email 101: The Essential Guide To Professional Emails

Email 101 covers the essentials in how to send professional emails including timeliness, length, the "to" list, and what to avoid.
BMP 030 Meetings 101 with Brent Richardson

Meetings 101: The Essential Guide To Hosting A Meeting

In Meetings 101, Brent Richardson breaks down the essentials of when meetings are necessary, who to invite, when to host them, and the common mistakes people make when planning one.
BMP 029 New Small Business Struggles with Brett Boyd

New Small Business Struggles: Three Months In With Brett Boyd

New small business struggles can be overwhelming. This week, Brett Boyd shares his experience with advertising, social media, naming, payroll, insurance, and scaling.
Legal Questions: Attorney Answers Small Business FAQ with Jessica Vittorio on BMP 028

Legal Questions: Attorney Answers Small Business FAQ

Legal questions about small business concerns including forming an LLC, protecting yourself on social media, and HR issues are addressed in the week's episode of the Business Minutia Podcast.
BMP 027 Goldman Sachs 10,000 with Andrea Anderson

Goldman Sachs 10,000: Free Training & Community for Entrepreneurs

Goldman Sachs 10,000 is hand-selecting qualifying entrepreneurs for free training. This growing community is a place to learn, share experiences, and expand your network. Find out more from the Director of Marketing and Alumni Relations, Andrea Anderson.
Business Minutia Podcast 026 Company Reorg: What to expect when your business restructures with Brent Richardson

Company Reorg: What To Expect When Your Business Restructures

A company reorg can be scary. In this week's episode, Brent Richardson shares how to take the fear out of business restructure, what steps to take when the announcement is made, and how to keep yourself from being caught off guard in the future.

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