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BMP 050 Small Business Toolbox: 5 Essential Tools to Succeed as an entrepreneur

Small Business Toolbox: 5 Essential Tools To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

Small Business Toolbox walks through the top five lessons shared by entrepreneurs in the Business Minutia Podcast's first 50 episodes.
Business Minutia Podcast 049 How To Connect With Anyone with Brent Richardsons

How To Connect With Anyone

How to Connect With Anyone shares keys to relating to people in 5 minutes or less. From icebreakers to reading people's avatars, these skills can help you find authentic connections quickly whether virtually or in person.
BMP 048 Corporate Toolbox: 5 Essential Tools to Succeed in Business with Brent Richardson and Jamie Richardson

Corporate Toolbox: 5 Essential Tools to Succeed in Business

In Corporate Toolbox, Brent Richardson shares the five skills needed for corporate success: communication, time management, self-awareness, people skills, and a willingness to learn. Each tool is linked to previous episodes.
BMP 047 New Job Success The 3 key areas that define your success in the first year of a new job

New Job Success: The 3 Key Areas That Define Your Success in the First Year of a New Job

New Job Success focuses on the three key areas that will make or break you in your first year in a new position: learning, networking, and executing.
Business Minutia Podcast 046 Conflict Resolution with Brent Richardson

Conflict Resolution

In Conflict Resolution, podcast host Brent Richardson walks professionals through the three stages of resolving a dispute: gathering information, refocusing on the problem statement, and peaceful follow-up.
BMP 045 How College Failed Me with Brent Richardson and Jamie Richardson

How College Failed Me

How College Failed Me focuses on the pros and cons of university education. The discussion includes: what universities fail to teach, how to supplement your education, and what you miss out on if you skip the college experience.
Business Minutia Podcast 044 Office Pranks: An April Fool's Salute to our Favorite Practical Jokes

Office Pranks: An April Fools’ Salute To Our Favorite Practical Jokes

Office Pranks focuses on Brent Richardson's favorite practical jokes and explains how gags and tricks can be used to increase inclusiveness on a team.
Business Minutia Podcast 043 Continuing Education with Brent Richardson and Jamie Richardson

Continuing Education: Why, What, and How to Learn to Increase Your Marketability

Continuing Education focuses on why learning new skills is important, what to focus your efforts on, and how to pursue that learning in both formal and informal ways to increase your marketability within your industry.
Business Minutia Podcast 042 Networking for Extroverts with Brent Richardson and Jamie Richardson

Networking for Extroverts

In Networking for Extroverts, Brent and Jamie Richardson share the habits extroverts can harness to become more politically savvy, appreciated, and successful in the workplace.

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