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Business Minutia Podcast 017 Confessions of a Business Owner with Walter Boyd

Confessions Of A Business Owner: An Honest Look At Tech Traps And Investors

Confessions of a Business Owner features iFly GPS programmer Walter Boyd. In this transparent interview, Boyd reveals two lessons he learned about tech traps and investors. His personal experiences may change how other business owners run their organizations.
Business Minutia Podcast 016 Dallas Forward with Kelvin Walker

Dallas Forward: Helping DFW Become a National Leader in Economic Recovery

Dallas Forward is an initiative created by Mayor Eric Johnson. It connects small businesses with free resources to help them survive COVID-19. In BMP 016, Brent interviews the initiative's leader, Kelvin Walker. Kelvin shares stats on how bad the situation is to the metroplex, the aid available to small businesses, and what the long-term impact is on all of Dallas.
Business Minutia Podcast 015 Fletcher's Corn Dogs COVID-19

Fletcher’s Corny Dogs: How the Texas icon is pivoting during COVID-19

Fletcher's Corny Dogs is a Texas icon. When the State Fair canceled, we reached out to Fletcher's to see how they are pivoting to stay afloat.
BMP 013 Stating a small business with Brett Boyd

Starting A Small Business: Day 1 With A New Small Business Owner, Brett Boyd

Ever dreamed of starting a small business? This is episode 1 of a series where BMP follows a new small business owner. Brett Boyd just quit his job to go all-in on his side hustle, Integrity Garage Door and Gate. In this episode, we learn what steps he took to get here and what his current fears are. Join us as we follow each step of his journey to business ownership.
BMP 006 Growing Small - Using Corporate Knowledge To Start A Small Business

Growing Small: Using Corporate Knowledge To Start A Small Business

Growing smaller is a common trend. Tiny houses. Smaller cars. Laptops are more portable. But today's guest took this strategy to his career plan. Transitioning between two large companies to a medium-size one, Dave learned common business practices before starting his own small business that now sells its services back to the big companies. In BMP 006, Dave Borski shares the tips and tricks he learned along the way.
BMP 004 Why Storytelling is important in business

Why Storytelling Is Important In Business

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small shares how leaders can grow their influence, community, and business by learning and teaching the art of storytelling.
Business Minutia Podcast 002-Lessons from a serial entrepreneur

Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur

From $750,000 mistakes, to the value of hiring a coach, to turning a side hustle into a business venture, to what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, in this episode, Kris Hochart shares his lessons learned as a serial entrepreneur.
Navigating Career Changes Fearlessly

Navigating Career Changes Fearlessly

Ken Janke is a fearless entrepreneur who has seamlessly flowed between the non-profit and for-profit worlds. In this episode of the Business Minutia Podcast, Ken shares his successes, failures, and the lessons he has learned along the way.

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