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BMP 040 Why am I here? Finding Purpose Beyond Your 9-to-5

Why am I here? Finding Purpose Beyond Your 9-to-5 Job

Why am I here? focuses on finding the bigger purpose beyond a person's 9-to-5 job. In this episode, Brent and Jamie talk through roadblocks and common missteps people make when looking for the "why" of their life.
Business Minutia Podcast 039 Bad Bosses: 9 Management Styles and How to Deal with Each

Bad Bosses: 9 Management Styles And How To Work With Each

Bad bosses can make even a great employee want to quit. The key is learning how to align with all kinds of people. In this episode of the Business Minutia Podcast, Brent Richardson walks listeners through tips for working with nine different management styles.
BMP 037 When To Quit Your Job: How to Know When to Stay and When to Go with Brent Richardson and Jamie Richardson

When To Quit Your Job: How To Know When To Stay And When To Go

"When To Quit Your Job" focuses on the signs of when it is time to consider a transition versus when you may be better off staying in your current role and making it work for you.
Business Minutia Podcast 035 Work-Life Balance with Brent Richardson and Jamie Richardson

Work-Life Balance 201: Warning Signs, Mental Discipline, and Management Skills

Work-life balance is a challenge at any stage in a career. This week, BMP host Brent Richardson shares tips and tricks he has discovered through 20 years of corporate work.
BMP 034 Find Your Why with Brent Richardson and Ken Janke

Find Your Why: Success Begins With A Simple Question

Find Your Why focuses on the often-overlooked first step in defining where you (or your team) want to end up. People frequently jump to the "where" and "how" of the journey while assuming the "why." This week, we learn how that misstep can be fatal to a vision.
BMP 021 Top 10 Self-Awareness Takeaways From First 20 Episodes with Brent Richardson and Jamie Richardson

Top 10 Self-Awareness Takeaways From First 20 Episodes

In this episode, Brent shares his top 10 self-awareness takeaways from the first 20 episodes of the Business Minutia Podcast.
BMP 020 Enneagram with Mary Ann Connor

Enneagram: A Pathway To Self-Awareness

Enneagram is a test that helps people define their key motivation and fear so they can be more productive and fulfilled. The 9 personality types have been used for centuries, but have recently made a resurgence. In this episode of BMP, Brent talks with Certified Enneagram Coach and Certified Life Coach Mary Ann Connor to better understand how this test can help people be better leaders and business owners.
Business Minutia Podcast 018 Time Management with Brent Richardson and Jamie Richardson

Time Management: A 30-Minute Crash Course On The 5 Essential Skills

Time management is essential to getting what you want out of your life. In this 30-minute crash course, Brent discusses his top 5 keys to managing time effectively.
BMP 011 Systemic racism in business with Texas Instruments VP Hubie Payne

Systemic Racism In Business

Systemic racism has captured headlines lately. This week, Brent Richardson sat down with a Black VP in a Fortune 500 Company to learn what institutional racism looks like in corporate America. Hubie Payne shares how we got here, why diversity matters, and what companies can do right now.

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