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BMP 039 Bad Bosses: 9 Management Styles And How To Work With Each

Bad bosses can make even a great employee want to quit. The key is learning how to align with all kinds of people. In this episode of the Business Minutia Podcast, Brent Richardson walks listeners through tips for working with nine different management styles.

Bad Bosses Points Discussed

  • First, Brent shares how to find out if a potential new boss might be a bad boss.
  • Second, why is aligning with your boss essential?
  • Third, the value of establishing deadlines.
  • Fourth, how to deal with micromanagers.
  • Fifth, dealing with the absentee boss and the unorganized boss.
  • Sixth, how to deal with the non-verbal boss and the manager who steals your credit.
  • Seventh, dealing with the boss who is impossible to please or the manager who leads with fear.
  • Finally, how to deal with the unfair boss and the manipulative manager.




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Episode Guest:

Business Minutia Podcast producer

Jamie Richardson

BMP Producer

Jamie Richardson is the Business Minutia Podcast producer and has worked as a freelance writer and editor for 15 years. She is the Legacy Director for Wonder Voyage.

Your Host:

Business Minutia Podcast 026 Company Reorg: What to expect when your business restructures with Brent Richardson

Brent Richardson

Business Minutia Podcast

Brent Richardson is the owner, operator, and interviewer for Business Minutia. He has worked in an international engineering company since 2000. During that time, he has also served as a youth pastor and worked for a non-profit both as an adventure travel leader on youth pilgrimages and as a board member. He believes that the training he has received in leading volunteers has helped him in the corporate world as well.

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