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BMP 023 Advanced Presentation Skills: Using Stories To Help Your Message Stick

Advanced presentation skills begin with telling a great story. Whether you are selling a service, product, or yourself, stories help people connect with the presenter. In this episode, a professional storyteller and nonprofit business owner shares pointers on what makes a great story and how everyone (even you!) can be a great storyteller.

Presentation Skills Learned

  • First, what is the definition of a story?
  • Second, what are the parts of a story?
  • Third, how are stories used in advertising?
  • Fourth, how corporate presentations are stories in disguise.
  • Fifth, how to use stories as anchor points in a presentation.
  • Sixth, the three types of presentations: updates, inspiration, and advertising.
  • Seventh, defining the story elements within your presentation.
  • Eighth, defining the problem statement.
  • Ninth, using memory lists.
  • Tenth, where to start on your storytelling journey.

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Other Resources

In this episode, Shawn Small recommended three resources for those who want to improve their presentation skills:

  • First, The Moth podcast. This is a podcast of storytellers from novice to expert.
  • Second, Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks. In this book, a five-time Moth GrandSLAM winner shows how to tell a great story — and why doing so matters.
  • Third, The Power of Moments by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. This book explores why certain brief experiences can jolt us, elevate us, and change us—and how we can learn to create such extraordinary moments in our life and work.


The Moth podcast

Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks

The Power of Moments by Chip Heath and Dan Heath




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Episode Guest:

BMP 023 advance presentation skills with Shawn Small

Shawn Small

Wonder Voyage Executive Director and Professional Storyteller

Today’s guest turned his passion for adventure travel into a non-profit organization, Wonder Voyage, in 2000. At his core, Shawn is a storyteller. His ability to weave words has helped him share the stories of thousands of pilgrims traveling to fifty plus locations around the world while donating five-million dollars in service hours.

Your Host:

Business Minutia Podcast 026 Company Reorg: What to expect when your business restructures with Brent Richardson

Brent Richardson

Business Minutia Podcast

Brent Richardson is the owner, operator, and interviewer for Business Minutia. He has worked in an international engineering company since 2000. During that time, he has also served as a youth pastor and worked for a non-profit both as an adventure travel leader on youth pilgrimages and as a board member. He believes that the training he has received in leading volunteers has helped him in the corporate world as well.

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