Business Minutia is a podcast about the details of business that are passed over by traditional classes & leadership training.

We focus on the stories of real people who have tried, failed, and learned through their experiences, and who are willing to share their lessons with others.

BMP 040 Why am I here? Finding Purpose Beyond Your 9-to-5

Why am I here? Finding Purpose Beyond Your 9-to-5 Job

Why am I here? focuses on finding the bigger purpose beyond a person's 9-to-5 job. In this episode, Brent and Jamie talk through roadblocks and common missteps people make when looking for the "why" of their life.
Business Minutia Podcast 039 Bad Bosses: 9 Management Styles and How to Deal with Each

Bad Bosses: 9 Management Styles And How To Work With Each

Bad bosses can make even a great employee want to quit. The key is learning how to align with all kinds of people. In this episode of the Business Minutia Podcast, Brent Richardson walks listeners through tips for working with nine different management styles.
BMP 038 Small Business Regrets, Scaling and Time Management with Brett Boyd

Small Business Regrets, Scaling & Time Management: A 6-Month Check-in With Brett Boyd

Small Business Regrets, Scaling, and Time Management centers on a 6-month check-in with Integrity Garage Door and Gate owner Brett Boyd. Listeners get honest commentary on the ups and downs of a young business.

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